I remember singing out the old church hymn “Eagles Wings” at the top of my lungs whenever it was sung at school or at a mass; it was always a congregational favourite. The lyrics of the hymn always aroused beautiful imagery of soaring with the Lord- carefree and full of joy. Years later, seated at His feet, I recalled the song as the Lord painted a new picture in my spirit’s eye.

I saw an eagle flying above the cloudscape, directly toward the sun. Its eyes were fixed on the radiance of the sun and its flight was free and easy. And along with this image, I was led to read Isaiah 40:31 which says,

Eagle's Wings

But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.

I asked the Lord what He was teaching me that day through the fond memory of the Eagle, and this scripture verse. And He filled me with new knowledge of what it meant to fly as an eagle does.

The eagle, unlike most other birds, possesses the power to look directly into the sun. In fact, while most creatures turn away from the sun, the eagle finds itself rejuvenated and revived by the sun’s brilliance.

“You, my darling, possess the same power, to look me directly in the eye, to gaze upon my face and be infilled by fresh spirit. Like the eagle, you are empowered by My radiance”, the Lord spoke to my heart.

The eagle is distinct in how it faces storms. While most creatures run for shelter, hide and scurry under treetops and burrows, the eagle rises above the storm. Moreover, when the storm hits, the eagle spreads its wings and uses the current to soar higher.

“You my dear, are emboldened by trial in the same way. When the winds blow harshly, you ascend heavenward and you rise above the struggle, instead of allowing it to crush you, oppress you and drench your spirit,” I felt the Lord whisper.

The eagle is also a symbol of fearlessness. It refuses to concede to any prey, regardless of its size or strength. It always believes that victory is its right.

“Just like the eagle, my child, victory is your truth. No enemy stands in your way, for your conviction and confidence rests in My ableness, My might and My power” the Lord assured me.

The eagle does not strive in its flight; it simply glides. In fact, it is so restful and so at ease that it can endure many months of flying at extremely high altitudes without needing to land upon the earth for respite.

“Just like the eagle, you are most at home in the heavenly places my love. You are called to live life from the Kingdom perspective, to live life with an ‘upper room’ mindset, to embrace the higher point of view. Just like the eagle, you are called to look at the world from the perspective of heaven. You are a citizen of heaven, and only a resident of the earth,” the Lord spoke over my life.

Through the simple image of an eagle, and the beautiful words in Isaiah that many of us have had sung or spoken over us, God breathes a fresh reminder of our identity in Him.

The reality is that the storms do not cease, and the battles cannot be avoided while we are living in the world. However, though we are in the world, we are not of it. And so, a life of soaring with Jesus over the storms, circling the skies with the mindset of heaven and abiding in the strength of the Lord, is our right, our privilege and our inheritance; He calls us higher into freedom, peace, and restful confidence. Though we must still “run” and “walk” upon this earth, we will “not grow weary” and “we will not faint”, for there is “new strength” in trusting the Lord of heaven and earth.

So over you dear reader, I pray a fresh outpouring of His presence and His spirit. Like an eagle, may you glide in His confidence, soar in His freedom, endure through His strength, and live upon His promises, now and always.

By Prashana Fernando