“Your faithfulness continues through all generations; you established the earth, and it endures.” Psalm 119:90

It has been such a blessing to witness God’s love and faithfulness in the lives of our brothers and sisters. As always, the greatest of miracles has been the grace of experiencing His presence and peace in the midst of the storm.

Even through the greatest valley of darkness, He stills our heart with His love, and blessed us with a peace that passes all understanding.

When we hold on to His word, He never fails us.

In September 2018, my husband and I along with our precious 5-month-old Avi, moved into our purpose built dream home. Shane had taken such pains to build me what I wanted. I was ecstatic and used to wander around my house feeling so grateful and proud. But as life unravelled, we realised that whilst we both loved our house, the location wasn’t very conducive to our current situation. We were always struggling in our constant travel and it was adding a lot of stress that felt unnecessary.
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I have been having a heart condition since 2009, after suffering a severe Heart attack. I was saved by God. A few years later after another episode I was implanted with an Internal Defibrillator in 2012 to help me with the fibrillation of my heart caused by the damage from the heart attacks.
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I was a Buddhist for many years. My wife – a Catholic – asked me to come with her for prayer meetings. I refused to go with her. However in 2016, a close friend of mine asked us to attend a retreat in Brisbane. I reluctantly went with my wife to the retreat. After attending the retreat, I became more aware of the love of God and I was baptized in Holy Spirit. God used my wife to bring me to faith in Jesus Christ…
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In 2014 I was pregnant. Due to high risk of miscarriage, I was given the choice to terminate the pregnancy. Instead, I went into endless prayer and I was determined to continue with this pregnancy, irrespective of what the tests said…
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I was living a life of the world, enjoying alcohol, clubbing and partying. However, all the drunk nights slowly caught up with me – I became sick and lost my car, job and was heavily in debt. I started attending the CRL prayer services, I found that praise and worship, which I had previously thought was unnecessary and crazy, was actually such a freeing experience...
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When my son was born, he was diagnosed with a hole in his heart. This devastated my wife and me. I had always been a smoker and drinker, but as I started following the CRL meetings I started to develop a thirst that I could not be quenched by smoking or drinking. At a Four-step retreat a word of knowledge was spoken that a child with a hole in the heart was being healed…
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