We are just about to step into the exciting season of Advent. I am led to share a prophetic vision received by a member of our community recently during our weekly intercessory prayers, as through it, the Lord allowed me a peep into His Heart, for us His people for this year’s Advent.

The vision was of a dry parched earth that cracked open unearthing a city that was being pushed out from the depths of the earth. The whole city including the trees and waterways were all coated with clay (dried mud) understandably, as it came out from the womb of the earth. As we were worshiping God, a fire came upon it and the clay started to melt away, the trees caught on fire and the outer coating of the clay was burnt, exposing the fresh leaves and trunk. The clay blocking the waterways were burnt off and water started flowing into the city, making it come alive. I am not going to focus on the interpretation given then, as this blog is for a different purpose. (You are most welcome dear reader, to join us in our weekly intercessory prayers if you’re led to do so, the details of which would be available elsewhere on this website.)

A few days later, during my early morning time with Jesus, The Lord reminded me of this vision and added another part to it, revealing to me a bit of His Heart for this year’s Advent. As the unearthed city covered with clay was set on fire and freed from the clay, the sky above it opened and a shining city (which I realised was The Kingdom of God) came down upon it and fitted itself perfectly like building blocks, making the city look glorious with golden rooftops and citadels, studded with all sorts of jewels.

The interpretation given to me was that the unearthed city pushed out from the depths was the “early Christian Church” as explained in the Acts of the Apostles and in the first two to three centuries, totally led by The Holy Spirit, making others 'want' to become a part of them. We, The Church today is being turned into what was then, allowing The Holy Spirit to lead freely rather than The Spirit being quenched. We are receiving a greater anointing, a double portion, to make us, The Body of Christ shine in our world today. The Church is being changed from being apologetic to charismatic- each member hosting His Presence. We, Christians are going to be known as healers, chain-breakers and builders, causing the world around us to be healed and comforted, freed from all bondages and labels, and connected with each other.

This Advent, we are empowered to invite the birth of Jesus inside our owm homes, inside the dark, lonely rooms of our confused and troubled youth, and inside the hearts of our lonely and demented elderly parents. We are sent to male way for Christ to be born in our workplaces, in the unhealthy competitiveness prevailing among colleagues, transforming businesses from being profit-oriented to service-oriented entities. This Advent, a huge giant is gaining momentum and awakening from its sleep, as we, Catholics, step out of the four walls of our churches to build bridges with our brothers and sisters in other Christian denominations, as our Holy Father Pope Francis has been repeatedly inviting us to. This Giant will not be hidden nor intimidated by the evil that continues to fool the world, but will instead expose the truth and clarity in the Power of The Holy Spirit.

The world will definitely want to have the peace, joy, freedom and the excellence manifested in our lives!

Let us align our minds and hearts with The Lord’s Heart, to bring this reality to our world.

By Sunimalee Fernando