Today’s readings give us a beautiful clue on how much God values intimacy over work or mission. In the Gospel proclamation Martha is seen caught up in a lot of things and missing out on what was most needed, which was receiving the Word from Jesus Christ. Mary understood that what the Lord had to offer her in terms of spiritual nourishment, was far greater than what she had to offer Him and so she chose the better part. In the first reading, St. Paul speaks of his life, prior to his encounter with the Lord Jesus, when he used to persecute the church. He was zealous for God yet blind sighted. Love is built on intimacy with God and without that we would be powerless to love one another. That is why often we find ourselves angry and unfulfilled even while serving God.

Sometimes we get caught up in work and slowly neglect our relationship with God. Other times our knowledge and pride come in the way of our journey. We unconsciously slip away from intimacy with God fearing what He may ask of us. The Bible shows us that Jesus Christ always sought a relationship with the Father even in the most terrible of times and demonstrated that He required the same of us, when He asked “Couldn’t you keep watch for one hour?” (Mark 14:37) I am reminded of this inspiring story shared by a priest. A person asked this priest, the secret behind his journey with God. He said that he chose to sit with God every single day of his life. Adding that, there were many days he did not feel like praying and there were many days he felt he was talking to a wall, when God seemed silent. Yet, he never missed a single day sitting with the Lord. The key here was consistency and intimacy. His story inspired my own prayer life.

Often we are more concerned about what we ought to tell God. Sometimes all He wants is for us to just sit with Him and enjoy His company. The God of the mountaintop is the same God of the valley. In the midst of the darkest or loneliest of hours we can be sure that He is there, He is near us, calling us to trust in Him. Tuesday October 06 Tuesday of the Twenty- seventh Week in Ordinary Time Intimacy before work and mission. Prayer: Abba Father, help me to choose to have a relationship with you above work and mission. Amen.

By On Our Knees - October Edition