Welcome toBerwick

In 2007 the Community of the Risen Lord branched out into Australia with the first retreat in Berwick. The journey of 10+ years has not been an easy one - yet the Lord's mighty hand and presence is a constant guide in our journey and we have witnessed His incredible power in the miraculous signs, wonders, and life transformations around us.

If you feel God's love stirring in your heart and moving you - we would love to hear from you! Please do join us and be part of our ministries!

Weekly Prayer Meetings


Hashika and Anushka - Contact person - Berwick - CRL Australia
Hashika & Anushka
0415 737 154 0425 555 206
Kaveri and Haman - Contact person - Berwick - CRL Australia
Kaveri & Haman
0426 899 401 0413 763 231


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