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The Community of the Risen Lord in Brisbane began its journey when the coordinators in Singapore received a request to organize a "Four step retreat" in Brisbane. On Friday the 1st of June 2012 this family opened their home to anyone who wished to join in watching the meeting online with them. As time went by, God sent various people from different walks of life to become part of the Brisbane community.

Each week as we gather for the weekly Friday prayer meeting where God inspires us with His word and we are encouraged to a deeper inner journey with the Lord and experience Him through the sacraments, prayer and scripture. God continues to lead us one step at a time, into His perfect plan, and we on our part feel humbled and privileged to be led by our Good Shepherd on the mission for which he has commissioned us here in Brisbane.

Weekly Prayer Meetings


Antony & Rajeevani - Contact person - Brisbane - CRL Australia
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Shirani - Contact person - Brisbane - CRL Australia
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Ashan - Contact person - Brisbane - CRL Australia
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