Jeanne Video - Testimonies - CRL Australia

Praise the Lord!

I first encountered the Lord when I had to separate from my husband. I was married for 10 years when my marriage ended and my husband walked out of the marriage leaving me with two children. I was so distraught and felt like I could not live my life alone. At the beginning, I fought with God every day and questioned Him. I did not realise it at the time, but God was right there comforting me and loving me.

Two years ago I came for a CRL retreat at St Edmunds in Canberra. During the retreat I felt God speaking to me and bringing to mind all the painful memories of my separation. I have never cried so hard before. I felt like I had no more tears to cry. I was angry with God for exposing the pain I worked so hard to bury away.

After the retreat, I felt healed from the pain and burden. I went home feeling a sense of peace and love, just knowing that as hard and painful as this was, God’s love for me was greater and stronger than the end of my marriage.

Thereafter, I focused on Jesus and allowed Him to see me through each day. I prayed to the Lord and surrendered everything to Him. My biggest worry was my finances and how I would pay my mortgage, as I was now a single parent. I surrendered this problem to the Lord and I was blessed with an international student renting a room in my house. The money I got from the rent met my financial needs. He also met my emotional and spiritual needs. Before I came to know the Lord I was a very reactive person. But today, I find peace and comfort from the Lord. I have learnt that I can rely on the Lord to provide for my every need and carry me through anything.

Today, I invite you to find this same peace of God in the midst of the storms of life. God turned the death of my marriage into a blessing. He can do the same for you. Accept the call of the Lord and He will turn every struggle you face into a blessing.