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Praise the Lord!

In 2014 I found out I was pregnant. In my 1st trimester I visited Sri Lanka and I felt healthy and happy. Before leaving Sri Lanka I brought a worship CD on ‘Nehemiah's prayer’ and started listening to it and praying with it.

When I returned to Adelaide, I found out that my baby had a high risk of Trisomy 18 and Downs Syndrome. The doctors wanted me to do further tests which had a high chance of a miscarriage. I was given the choice to terminate the pregnancy if the risks were confirmed by the tests.

The CD on Nehemiah's prayer had a similar testimony. Every time doubt crept into my mind and fear overtook me, I would uplift my faith by listening to it.

At times my husband was doubtful but I was sure the God who protected this baby in the first trimester would not let anything happen. I was quite firm in my decision not to undergo any further tests. I was determined to continue with this pregnancy, irrespective of what the tests said.

By this time the CRL community in Adelaide was interceding for me and the baby and I started praying Psalm 139 and claiming the promises as is in Nehemiah's prayer. By the 20th week of the pregnancy, the doctors said the risk had dropped by 50%.

When I was full term the scans showed the baby was in breech and they had to attempt to turn him which they tried but failed and I was asked to undergo a caesarean. However, before the scheduled date my water bag broke and I was rushed to the hospital and emergency caesarean was performed and our healthy son Savitha Thomas Fernando was born on 28 January 2015.

Within 24 hours of Savitha’s birth, he was found to be having low blood sugar and was taken to the special care nursery to undergo numerous tests and examinations. Two weeks later the hospital discharged him as he started gaining weight and could not find anything wrong with him.

Today, I invite you to place your problems and struggles at the feet of Jesus. Our lives have not been easy. Life has thrown many challenges our way, but like the tree rooted by the stream which draws life from the water, we have been rooted in the Lord and draw strength from Him. Just as He strengthened us, He will strengthen you too!