Suranga -Testimonies - CRL Australia

Praise the Lord!

I was diagnosed with a tumour in my head on the 27th of May 2018. I went in for the surgery 4 days later. I was not afraid of the surgery because I had researched my tumour and all the research said it was not difficult to remove. I thought, statistically I did not have much to worry about.

When the surgery began the doctors found that the tumour they diagnosed with was wrong. Instead the tumour I had was a very rare one. After 7 hours of surgery I almost died. I had lost more than 3 litres of blood and my blood pressure was at 40. They put me into an induced coma and stopped the surgery. On the 1st day they could only take out 10% of the tumour. On the 2nd day after a few scans, the doctor told my wife that he could not operate on me again as the risk was too high. The doctors assumed I would become a vegetable if I survived these surgeries.

By this time, my CRL family around the world were praying for me. That afternoon, after a scan, the doctor said my tumour was rising and it was more accessible and the chances were better of saving me. He could not explain how it was rising. The doctors wanted to wait and I was kept in an induced coma for another 5 days.

During these 5 days God showed me my sins. When I came out of the coma I wanted to do a confession. After my confession, I felt a tremendous amount of peace. There was a word of knowledge given at a CRL healing service in Colombo that a person having a tumour in the head was going to be cured by the Lord. It was claimed for me and I held on to His promise.

On the 21st of June 2018, they took me back for the second surgery. The operation was successful, but my left side was paralysed and there was a slim chance of it being cured.

During this time I continued to pray the way I knew. Miraculously, God gave me movement on my left side. I thank God for healing me and bringing me back from the brink of death. Each day I am getting better and stronger. God has given me a second chance to live for His Glory.

Today, I invite you to accept this same invitation from the Lord. He wants to give you a second chance and a new lease on life. When you accept His invitation He will bless you and take you through anything.

Praise be to God!