Catholic Couple - Tony and Briana - CRL Australia

Praise the Lord!

When my son was born, a Paediatric Cardiologist diagnosed him with a hole in his heart which needed close monitoring. This devastated my wife and me. We did not know how to handle this crisis. In our search for help, we were led to the CRL prayer meeting. We attended the services but our son was not healed.

Later, I was offered a job in Malaysia and I immediately accepted it because I thought I might be able to collect some money to do our son's surgery. While I was in Malaysia, I would watch the live CRL prayer meetings and the Four Step retreat on the internet. I had always been a smoker and drinker, but as I continued to watch the meetings I started to develop a thirst that I could not be quenched by smoking or drinking. I later realized I was baptized in the Holy Spirit by listening to 4 Step Retreat on the internet. I started my daily prayers with 'Take me higher' CD every day. As the Lent season was approaching, Brother Lalith invited people to sacrifice something. I decided to stop drinking and smoking. However, after
Easter Sunday mass I bought a packet of cigarettes. When I smoked I found that it was not giving me any pleasure but pain in my throat. I truly repented and accepted that Jesus had delivered me from my alcohol and cigarette addictions.

By this time I was hoping that Jesus would heal my son. After another scan, the doctor confirmed the hole was still there. I was utterly disappointed but my anxiety had disappeared.
After this our family went to Singapore for a 4 Step Retreat. At the end of the retreat a word of knowledge was spoken that a child with a hole in the heart was being healed. We claimed this word and knew it was for our son.

We went for the next scan to Sri Lanka. The doctor examined our son and did the scan. He told us he could not find the hole and that our son’s heart was normal. That day our lives took a great turn and the purpose of our lives totally changed.

Today I invite you to start a relationship with our Almighty God. We went to God for a healing but received a life transformation through the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. I was liberated from my smoking and alcohol addictions. In the same way, God is waiting to liberate you from any struggles or addictions. All you need to do is come to Him.