Thursday 21st January
Christ reigns in the virtual church as well
  • Heb 7: 25, 8:6
  • Ps 40: 7-17
  • Mark 3: 7-12

Today we celebrate the feast of one of our greatest saints. Agnes means lamb in Latin, but in Greek, it denotes to “ Pure One”. St. Agnes was a girl of twelve years who chose to die for Christ during the Diocletian persecution. At her young and tender age, she triumphed over the merciless tyrant and received the crown of martyrdom for the glory of God. When she was proposed in marriage to the son of the city prefect she refused and repelled him. As a result, she was sent to a house of ill fame. At the house of shame, she found an angel of the Lord ready to protect her. She was enveloped by a light that blinded all who tried to approach her. Finally, when her execution¬er was hesitating to behead her, she replied with encouraging words “ strike without fear, for the bride does her spouse an injury if she makes him wait “. Thus, St.Agnes was fully aware that she was prepared as a bride adorned for the spouse and bridegroom, our Lord Jesus Christ.

The Gospel proclamation today emphasizes many activities of the ministry of the Lord Jesus. Namely preaching, healing and exorcism are highlighted. As we can see our Lord Jesus has chosen a place by the lakeside, away from the opposition of scribes, and institu¬tional walls, and still people follow and gather around him at these unexpected places, seeking healing and the good news. When they approach him with the desire to listen to him and be healed, loving energy flows out of him. An important point for us to ponder living in the twenty-first century going through the challenging time of a Coro¬navirus pandemic is that the present generation has the same desire and urge to listen to Him and be healed? Thus, whether it is online prayer gatherings, Zoom, YouTube, Facebook, Instra customized apps, or any other online platform, they are effective and efficacious enough as long as it is our desire and faith that leads us to do so. The power of the Lord Jesus Christ evermore present now and forever and Faith in him and His most precious blood can cast out any evil, sickness, and disease at His command. Thus, we can be assured we will be healed and heard even in the Virtual Community and Church.

Prayer: Abba Father, give me the strength and courage to believe in your mighty power and presence in all circumstances of life . Amen

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