Friday 12th April 2024
God is our Provider
  • Acts 5:34-42
  • Psalm 27:1,4,13-14
  • John 6:1-15

Jesus was concerned about the needs of his followers. First he nourished his people spiritually and next he knew that his people were hungry and asked his disciples to give some food. However, the disciples knew that it was impossible to fulfil his requirement because they did not have resources and they had to depend on the Lord for a miracle. God is the provider and nothing is impossible to him. Therefore we need to listen to him and live according to his commands. He gives us freedom and fills our lives with divine grace. Often we love what we get from the Lord but after we receive those things we forget about him. We are more focused on the creation than the Creator. Hence the people who witnessed the miracle of multiplication of bread wanted to make him king. Jesus knows our thoughts, and no one can cheat him. Therefore, let us be honest with God and do the right thing and then he will satisfy us and protect us from evil.

PRAYER: Abba Father, give us today our daily bread. Amen.

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