Saturday 03rd October
Being carried on eagle’s wings
  • Job 42 : 1-3,5-6,12-17
  • Psalm 118: 66, 71, 75, 91, 125, 130
  • Luke 10 : 17 - 24

We may not understand God’s work, but we know that his ways are better than our ways. When the Lord Jesus was carrying the cross none knew about the great miracle of the resurrection. It was after the resurrection that the passion and the death of Christ Jesus became a meaningful experience to people.

Similarly, when Job was going through difficult times in his life, he did not know what went wrong. Job lost everything and was waiting to die. These are events that we could ponder on. We need to be aware of God’s work. We need to live in the will of God. We can be content when the will of God is fulfilled in us.

Though we face tough times today, our tomorrows can be fruitful when we live in God. The Scripture says that Job’s latter days were more blessed than the earlier days. The highlight of this incident is that when Job realised that God has been working behind all the dif- ficulties he faced and that God never let him down, he repented and asked God for forgiveness.

We may be going through difficult times, we may have lost a loved one, lost a job, lost wealth or lost a friendship, yet when we are within God’s plan everything we loose will be restored. What is necessary is to recognize God in the events of our lives.

In the Gospel proclamation the Lord Jesus said that the fruit of our labour is not the result of what we see openly but what is happening unseen. That is why St. Paul said that we walk by faith and not by sight. Our names are written in heaven. When we become unassuming and innocent like little children, God is able to work powerfully in us.

The Lord Jesus shares His power with us when we become His disciples. He alone knows the Father and only He can reveal the Father to us. When we cling on to the Lord Jesus we are clinging on to God the Father.

Prayer: Abba Father, in the midst of challenges, help me to know that you are with me and in me. Amen.

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