Saturday 06th April 2024
Gaze on the Lord and witness the power of his resurrection
  • Acts 4:13-21
  • Psalm 118:1,14-21
  • Mark 16:9-15

Can we blame the disciples for their fear and unbelief? They just witnessed the gruesome death of their beloved Master. They were gripped in fear and shame, because for three years they felt so strong, going about with Jesus and witnessing to miracles, signs and wonders and feeling powerful. Now, they had lost hope. Don’t we face such unbelief in our lives, even after 2000 years? What excuse do we have for our unbelief? Are we also possessed as Mary Magdalene was? Possibly the seven deadly sins still surface in our lives as demons even as we strive to walk in holiness. What is the answer? In my own life the Lord has shown how weak I can be and how easily I could become a victim of pride, greed, wrath, envy, lust, gluttony and sloth. I find the answer in the conversion of Mary Magdalene. She continued to gaze at Jesus by following him diligently unto his death on the cross and beyond. She was given the grace to be the first witness of his resurrection for her faith was unwavering.

PRAYER: Abba Father, let your gaze blaze so bright that it would burn through my soul never to fall victim to any demon. Amen.

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