Tuesday JANUARY 09
First Week in Ordinary Time
The power of Jesus
  • 1 Samuel 1:9-20
  • 1 Samuel 2:1,4-8
  • Mark 1:21-28

In today’s Gospel proclamation, Jesus displays his authority. Some people dis- miss all accounts of demon possession as a primitive way to describe mental illnesses. Often mental illness has been wrongly diagnosed as demon possession. However, in the Gospel proclamation, we see how a hostile outside force controlled the possessed man. Jesus asked the man to keep it low, to be quiet. He commanded the spirit to come out of him in a discreet manner so that it would not be a showdown. Mark highlights Jesus’ conflict with evil to show his superiority over them. Jesus did not have to conduct an elaborate exorcism ritual. His words were enough to send out the evil spirit who knew at once that Jesus was the Holy One sent from God. By including this event in his Gospel, Mark was establishing Jesus’ credentials, showing that even the spiritual underworld recognized Jesus as the Messiah. What do we think of Jesus and what is our attitude towards him?

Abba Father, may we be united with Jesus and follow in his footsteps. Amen.

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