Monday July 11
Follow Christ to the Cross and experience the Resurrection
  • Isaiah 1:10-17
  • Psalm 50:8-9,16-17,21,23
  • Matthew 10:34-11:1

Being a disciple of the Lord Jesus is not an easy path to follow. Yet this is the call of each Christian. Are we willing to put God first in our lives? Is God truly the King of our hearts? Is our food doing the will of the Father in heaven? Being a Christian is being a Christ follower in word and in deed. But if we made an honest soul search, many a time we realise that we may be Christians in word, but not in action. We say we love our brothers and sisters, but we are unwilling to travel an extra mile, let alone die for them. There are times when being a Christian means we may need to make hard choices. Sometimes these choices involve those who are nearest and dearest to us. Are we willing to lay aside our fear of the opinions of family and friends to follow the Lord Jesus? The price of being a true follower of Christ is high. It means sacrifice, it means the Cross. But for those who choose to follow Christ the ultimate reward is far greater. It is only through the Cross that we are able to experience the power of the Resurrection.

Prayer: Abba Father, strengthen me to become a true disciple of Christ. Amen.

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