Wednesday October 12
Let us be guided by the Holy Spirit
  • Galatians 5:18-25
  • Psalm 1:1-4, 6
  • Luke 11:42-46

We have evil desires that we cannot ignore. For us to follow the Holy Spirit’s guidance, we must deal with our evil desires decisively. Those who ignore sins or refuse to deal with them would be unable to lead a transformed life. To accept Christ as our Savior, we need to turn from our sins and willingly nail our sinful nature to the cross. This does not mean, however, that we will never see traces of its evil desires again. We still have the capacity to sin, but we have been set free from sin’s power over us and no longer must give in to it. We must surrender our sinful tendencies to God’s control, crucify them, and draw on the Spirit’s power to overcome them. The Spirit produces these character traits that are found in Christ. They are the effects of Christ’s control – we cannot obtain them without his help. If we want the fruit of the Spirit to grow in us, we must join our lives to his. We must love him and imitate him. Then we will fulfill the purpose of the law to love God and our neighbors. Which qualities do we want the Spirit to produce in us?

Prayer: Abba Father, may your light guide our life. Amen.

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