Friday October 27
Twenty-ninth Week in Ordinary Time
Divine cleansing
  • Romans 7:18-25
  • Psalm 119: 66,68,76-77,93-94
  • Luke 12:54-59

What makes an action good or evil? It is the intention behind it. Action is the fruit while intention is the root. We are called to bear good fruits. In today’s first reading, St. Paul reminds us that bearing fruit as Jesus’ disciples is not easy. Sin, which is the root cause of evil, limits growth and hinders our fruit bearing capacity. Sin is like a stubborn stain on the fabric of our lives. One of the ways to overcome sin is by using the ‘free laundry service’ that our Mother Church offers to us. It is known as “the Sacrament of reconciliation”. This is where the divine cleansing happens. Jesus washes us with his precious blood and makes us spotless. What about the times while trying hard to get rid of an addiction we end up falling deeper into it? The times we decided to do good but ended up doing just the opposite? We become disheartened. Our loving Lord on his way to Calvary, fell many times. He shows us that it is in rising up that we imitate him. When we are disheartened, let us make use of the ‘free laundry service’.

Prayer: Abba Father, thank you for being merciful towards me. Amen.

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