Thursday June 9
Forgiveness flows from the Cross of Jesus
  • 1 Kings 18:41-46
  • Psalm 65:10-13
  • Matthew 5:20-26

Our human relationships depend on how we handle our feelings and emo- tions. Justice, peace and joy are qualities of the kingdom of God. Jesus is insisting to have these qualities in our daily life. Forgiveness is an important aspect of God’s presence in one’s life. If we are able to forgive our brother or sister we are displaying a heavenly quality. Jesus not only preached forgiveness but also repeatedly showed how to forgive, during his suffering and death. “Father forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing”. Forgiving another person is not about any pride, it is not to accuse the other person. We forgive because Jesus has forgiven us. Am I practicing true discipleship? Am I a member of a Christian community only by name? For- giveness not only impacts others, it also frees me from bitterness and hurt. Am I also ready to forgive myself for my mistakes and failures? Am I able to accept the forgiveness; which was offered from the cross? If I believe and accept that forgiveness, it will become easier to forgive others

Prayer: Abba Father, be with me and empower me to imitate your Son Jesus. Amen.

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