Sunday April 3
The Lord who makes a way through sea and wilderness
  • Isaiah 43: 16-21
  • Psalm 126:1-6
  • Philippians 3: 8-14
  • John 8:1-11

God spoke through the prophet Isaiah, to His people in the 8th century BC, about the new life of abundance He wanted to bring on for them. He reminds them about what He did for their ancestors in the past, namely taking them from slavery to freedom by parting the Red Sea.

The Son of God, the Lord Jesus, makes this same act of wonder, in the life of the woman caught in adultery. She was transformed from a state of being sunk deep in the pit of sin and shame, to the esteemed status of being favored by the Messiah. When she lifted her eyes up from her downcast gaze of being caught and accused, she saw the road to freedom from sin and slavery to grace and freedom, in the person named Jesus.

Can you imagine the amazement and wonder that lit up her face when she heard the words of the Lord Jesus, “Neither do I condemn you; Go now and leave your life of sin.” Let us use the gift of imagination God has given us and put ourselves in her place.

We may have things in life that we are ashamed of, may be our past decisions, actions, interactions with others, muddy pits we jumped into, thinking it was a luxurious spa! We might still be neck deep in mud, unable to climb out, taking one step forward and two steps backwards. We might be in the act of being caught and dragged by the world to be condemned and judged, or victims of false accusations. Let us take our focus from our accusers to the One who is the Judge of all.

Are we playing the role of the Pharisees and the teachers of the law, having found out someone else’s fault, be it our spouse, child, parent, colleague, clergy, and others? Let us place our accusations at the feet of the Lord Jesus and listen to His words; “Let anyone of you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone.” Let us allow His love and compassion to engulf our hearts and minds, washing away all sinful reactions and condemnation, and to empower us to help the fallen person to come to Jesus.

Let us pray for the righteousness that comes from God, through the Holy Spirit. Let us throw all ‘garbage’ of the world’s wisdom and righteousness out of our hearts and place them under the pierced feet of Christ.

The words of St Paul to the Philippians in today’s Second Reading, are invaluable. Let us renew our mind to “press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of us.” The calling for every Christian is to have the mind of Christ and to be a Christ for the people around us. Our Lord makes ways through seas and deserts. Let us allow God to make a way, where there seems to be no way.

Prayer: Abba Father, thank you for everything You have done in my life. Fill me with Your Spirit that Your love will flow to others through me. Amen.

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