Thursday December 14
Memorial of Saint John of the Cross, Priest and Doctor of the Church
Rivers will flow in the desert
  • Isaiah 41:13-20
  • Psalm 145:1,9-13
  • Matthew 11:11-15

The Gospel proclamation reveals that the Kingdom of Heaven is a moving force that causes human history to progress. It takes advantage of both gentle and violent changes that keep happening in our lives. We are called to participate actively in this constant transformation. The dynamics of death and resurrection are at work among us. Often we do not like what is happening. Our weaknesses, pain and disappointments are situations we rather not have to go through. Our past may have been scandalous, shocking and disgusting. But thanks to God’s grace, we experienced his love. However, our lives may not be sailing smoothly. The Lord says “Fear not I will help you” (Is 41:13). Those struggles and disappointments are necessary. The Kingdom of Heaven can only be accessed that way. God will help us to have hope and patience. God does not answer only with words but wonderful happenings also. Rivers will flow in the desert: heaven will open amid our terribly dry and desolate situations.

Prayer: Abba Father, may we not be passive but hopeful and excited about what awaits us even when things don’t seem right. Amen.

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