Wednesday 25th November
Christian Identity
  • Rev 15 : 1 - 4
  • Psalm 97 : 1 - 3, 7- 9
  • Luke 21 : 12 - 19

We believe that God is in control over our lives and that He knows everything that happens, good and bad, blessings or calamities. Plagues like the Covid-19 or earthquakes, floods, fires or even death of our loved ones or death in great numbers. Still if we could hold on to the fact that God knew it and He knows what is happening in the next moment, the only thing to do is to thank and praise Him.

The readings tell us that those who believed in Him along with the celestial beings praised God who won the victory over sin and the dominion of the devil.

In today’s Psalm we are once again reminded to thank God while praising Him for the marvelous, wondrous things He has done, not only in our lives but in all of creation.

In the Gospel proclamation we are warned that persecution will come to us and that it may start from our families, neighbours, relatives or communities for being believers and witnessing to our Lord Jesus.

“Why do you act differently, why don’t you join us, do something other than reading the Bible?” are some of the simplest things we hear around us. But our Lord tells us to remain quiet and continue to praise Him till the Holy Spirit tells us what needs to be said.

Many of us may not have to face persecution in its extreme forms. We may not live in places where Christianity is forbidden. We may not be dragged before the courts and condemned to die because of our faith in Christ.

However we need to live upto our Christian identity. It should stir up our neigbours, friends and others to ask, “Why do they behave so lovingly? Why are they kind and forgiving?” This sort of lifestyle is not easy, we will have to die to our nature whenever we do it. Shall we take up the challenge and be more loving, caring, forgiving?

Prayer: Abba Father, increase our faith so that we may be able to hold on to You in times of trouble and persecution. Amen.

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