Friday December 16
Salvation for all
  • Isaiah 56:1-3,6-8
  • Psalm 67:2-3,5,7-8
  • John 5:33-36

As we await in joyful anticipation for the coming of our Saviour, the Word of God adds into that joy with one promise after another. Today’s first reading reminds us that our God does not make distinctions between people. Where we come from does not matter anymore, but what is important is what we do and are willing to do. “Blessed is the one who does this: Who keeps the sabbath free from profanation, and his hand from any evildoing.” This is the criteria of selection. During this time of preparation, let the Word of God be a guiding light to examine our hearts and minds. What is it that has drawn us away from the love of God? Let us dig deep and find the lies of our heart that keep us away from climbing His Holy Mountain. In today’s Gospel proclamation the Lord Jesus reminds us not to look elsewhere for direction. For Jesus, our Saviour has lived a life of holiness and invites us to imitate Him as we wait to welcome Him into our midst once again. Come Lord Jesus!

Prayer: Abba Father, open our eyes to the truths of your kingdom and lead us to Your Holy Mountain to worship You. Amen.

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