Friday September 30
Allow God to lead our lives.
  • Job 38:1,12-21; 40:3-5
  • Psalm 139:1-3.7-10.13-14
  • Luke 10:13-16

Where is the way to the home of light? And where does darkness dwell? When are we going to realise? So many signs, miracles, so much depth and vastness of God’s creation. So much of evidence and proof, yet we are so slow to believe in God, so slow to trust in him, our faith is weak. When will we realise the truth? Both readings feel like a cry of God to return to the source of life and to repent. If only we follow God and walk in his footsteps, peace and joy will be in our hearts. Yet we are so slow to believe and we suffer. We live as if everything is our own, my rights, my privacy, my future. Our selfishness, our ego is destroying us and the world around us and we blame God for them. Today’s reading is a call for repentance and to accept God’s love. Often we try to control our lives, to do everything by our own strength. Then we fail and become unhappy. At times we cannot see a way out of our problems. Let us hold on to God and wait for his providence. Let the love and forgiveness of God flow through our lives.

Prayer: Abba Father, grant us true peace and joy that we long for. Amen.

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