Monday 28th December
Allowing God’s intervention
  • 1 John 1: 5 - 2: 2
  • Psalm 124: 2-8
  • Matthew 2: 13-18

Today we remember the Holy Innocents. As we read in the gospel proclamation, a few days after the joyous occasion of the birth of the Savior, we are faced with the first clash of religion with politics in history; the innocent children are massacred. Herod thought that the Lord Jesus would be a threat to him and his kingdom. Many innocent children were killed due to the insecurity of lead¬ers. The result was mothers weeping, wailing and mourning for their children. This is not something new. We have heard this happen over and again. Instead of Herod being the destroyer we find various leaders right through history taking over the role of the destroyer, creating havoc and leaving mothers to mourn. We as Christians are called to intercede for the innocents all around the world. Sometimes our prayers are focused only around our lives and our needs. Many of us fail to see the bigger picture, with multitudes not having faith to hold on and many more not having hope. Are we willing to pray for all those suffering around the world?

Though we see the suffering and the massacre of the innocents in today’s Gospel proclamation, God also reveals the brighter side of this passage. We see St. Joseph being warned in a dream, asked to take the Holy Family and flee to Egypt. Here we see God’s divine intervention in the life of his chosen. The Lord Jesus had a mission, the Blessed Mother and St Joseph were chosen to protect and raise Him. We can see how the angel kept appearing to St. Joseph in his dreams and guiding him throughout the way. Though Herod was a destroyer, St. Joseph was the chosen protector. We have been called by God. We are on a journey working towards God’s chosen mission for us. When we become aware of this calling in our lives, we can be rest assured that God intervenes directly in our lives and protects us throughout our lives. The danger lies when do not realize or heed the calling in our lives. This is when we cannot see God’s hand at work in our lives. We become blind. Instead of the blessings and his grace we keep seeing misery over and again. Are we ready to heed the God’s calling in our lives today?

Prayer: Abba Father, today I believe that I am a chosen child and I am ready to do your will in my life. Amen

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