Tuesday October 10
Twenty-seventh Week in Ordinary Time
The Lord destroys evil and rebuilds goodness
  • Jonah 3:1-10
  • Psalm 130:1-4,7-8
  • Luke 10:38-42

Today’s first reading shows God’s merciful love which moved people to repent and seek forgiveness. It brings out a sudden and total conversion of the city. Firstly, there is an acknowledgement of guilt. Secondly, repentance is manifested by outward action fasting and prayer. Fasting depicts wanting new attitudes and a new way of living turning away from cruelty and violence. Thirdly, God’s response to their repentance. Be it family, neighbourhood or workplaces, we may have similar issues: hurtful spouses, difficult children, disturbing siblings, unjust bosses and troublesome neighbours. Sometimes we think that life would be better without them, but God does not think so. He has permitted such people in our life for our salvation. By holding on to Christian values and not hurting or destroying others, God wants us to come back to him. Then we will see the wrong we have done and through grace start living differently. The Lord destroys evil in our family, neighbourhood and workplaces and rebuilds goodness instead.

Prayer: Abba Father, reveal your love for me and help me to return to you. Amen.

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