Saturday December 17
The Family Tree of Jesus
  • Genesis 49:2,8-10
  • Psalm 72:1-4, 7-8, 17
  • Matthew 1:1-17

Recently after the death of a loved one, some of our cousins came together and created a WhatsApp group. The motive of this group was to make our family tree to trace our relatives and map the roots for our younger generation. It was a delightful and thrilling experience as it revived our long lost relationships. In today’s Gospel proclamation we see how the Bible has recorded the genealogy of Jesus, and the lineage of the Lord Jesus is traced accordingly. Here we come across the bloodline of Saint Joseph his foster father the spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary. According to the Jewish expectation the long awaited promised Messiah had to be a descendant of King David, thus this criterion had to be met in the plan of salvation. “He will be great and he will be called the son of the Most High, and the Lord will give him the throne of his ancestor David” (Luke 1:32) All biblical prophesies and promises are fulfilled and will be fulfilled. Therefore let us hold on to the Lord and his Holy Word.

Prayer: Abba Father, remind us how you accomplish your plans for us through your steadfast love, that we may trust you completely. Amen.

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