Monday July 31
Memorial of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, Priest
What are you doing in your moments of waiting?
  • Exodus 32:15-24,30-34
  • Psalm 106:19-23
  • Matthew 13:31-35

Moses had gone to fellowship with God on Mount Horeb and he took some time to return. It was during that time that the people lost patience with Moses and urged Aaron to fashion a golden calf. Like the people of Israel, we also fellowship with an unseen but loving God. Because we fail to see him or recognise his presence around us, we lose track and begin to fashion our own idols thereby displeasing God. In today’s Gospel proclamation, the mustard seed signifies the kigdom of God within us, This seed, unseen to the human eye, along time, takes root and branches out into a significant plant. Often in times of plenty and smooth sailing we may fail to feel or see the tree growing within us. What is meant to give shade and comfort to others becomes forgotten and neglected. It was when St Ignatius of Loyola was made to lie on a hospital bed that the call of God came to him. What could have been considered a waste of time, was the time of his renewal and growth. What are we doing in our moments of waiting?

Prayer: Abba Father, while I am waiting for your light to shine may I light a candle of faith and love and hold on no matter what the odds are. Amen.

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