Wednesday December 6
First Week of Advent
To be blessed and broken for the multitudes
  • Isaiah 25:6-10
  • Psalm 23:1-6
  • Matthew 15:29-37

Jesus has compassion on all who suffer from sickness and hunger. Jesus’ presence brings healing to the sick and he provides food to the multitudes. This is a sign of the ultimate healing and restoration that Jesus has brought us through his death and resurrection. To encounter the presence of the Lord, to be healed and restored we have to go to the mountain – the place where God’s presence and revelation comes to us. This is where we have fulfillment and communion with the Lord no matter what we are facing in life – sickness, relationship issues, financial crisis, addiction, sin or suffering.

He is able to lift the veil because he has conquered sin and death. We should place our trust and confidence in God to heal, provide, comfort, strengthen, deliver, free, protect and restore us. Just as Jesus blessed and gave back the few fish and bread that the disciples offered him, when we offer our broken, sinful, shattered limited lives, Jesus will bless and restore us so that we will become a blessing to others.

Prayer: Abba Father, I offer my life to you, to be blessed, broken and given to others. Amen.

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