Sunday December 18
Listen to the voice of the Lord
  • Isaiah 7:10-14
  • Psalm 24:1-6
  • Romans 1:1-7
  • Matthew 1:18-24

In today’s first reading we meet a terrified King Ahaz who is being threatened by the coalition of the kings of Israel and Aram. Their objective is to dethrone Ahaz, a descendant of David, from Jerusalem. Even though Ahaz is not a righteous king, God breaks into the situation through the prophet Isaiah.

The Lord wants King Ahaz to trust in Him, that He will protect Jerusalem. But Ahaz, being a man of little faith is drawn towards a more practical solution, which is to obtain the support of a powerful nation; the Assyrians. However, Ahaz does not reveal his hand, but plays games and tries to hide behind words that look devout. At stake here is not only the fate of Ahaz and Jerusalem, but the promise of God to David. But the Lord sees the heart.

I see Ahaz in myself. Given a situation where I have to take a decision, I would rather rely on pragmatism than pause and listen to the voice of the Lord. Sometimes I may not even want to listen to the voice of the Lord, because I am sold out on an idea and do not want to even think outside of that. Often times the logic and reasoning of this world, seems more plausible, practical and realistic than God’s message and will. This is the challenge: can we trust God? Or would we follow what the world says. Remember that the Lord has a purpose for our lives.

Even when we are walking away, like Ahaz, God breaks in for the sake of the greater purpose of our lives. If we do not listen and turn to him, we will not only “weary the Lord”, but we will “weary” the people we are responsible for. God declares that He himself will intervene in an unimaginable way and fulfil his purpose. When we look back, we will only be able to say “Emmanuel” – God was with us.

David was so pleasing to God, that God wanted His own Son to be known as a Son of David. God breaks in to the life of the unrighteous Ahaz because of His faithfulness to David. When we respond to God and are pleasing to him, it will not only bless us, but our children, their children, and their children’s children.

Today’s Gospel proclamation confirms this. The Blessed Mother, through her “fiat”, is blessed to see divine intervention in an impossible situation. Saint Joseph, who wanted to walk away from the Blessed Mother is blessed with an encounter, a divine experience and participates in the fulfilment of the prophesy originally given to Ahaz. Generations to come are blessed by this act.

Prayer: Abba Father, may I hear your voice and obey it. Amen.

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