Monday November 28
Believe and be constant in prayer
  • Isaiah 4:2-6
  • Psalm 122:1-9
  • Matthew 8:5-11

Today’s readings remind us about faith, which many of us struggle with at times. We may be faithful believers in our Lord Jesus Christ but often we fail. But, even if we fail our Lord loves us. To be a faithful son or daughter of God, we need to know him well.

How can we get to know him well? We need to read the holy scriptures, then only we will know the heart of our God and how it works marvelously. If we know him well, our faith will also increase and we can have a close relationship with him as he desires. Then, whatever we ask in his name will be granted according to his will. This is what happened to the army captain in today’s Gospel proclamation. He knew about the Lord and he had faith in him and that faith healed his servant. Let us ask the Lord to heal our unfaithfulness and ask him to make us faithful to him through prayer and contemplation. Let us ask pardon for our unfaithfulness. May he make us holy and humble like Jesus so we could experience his love, his presence and his favour in lives.

Prayer: Abba Father, may I become humble like Jesus. Amen.

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