Thursday 04th April 2024
Life-giving Eucharist
  • Acts 3:11-26
  • Psalm 8:2,5-9
  • Luke 24:35-48

When the people were focused on Peter and John, the apostles could have become heroes, but they had no interest in human recognition as they had found something greater and would not give that up for anything else. We should be the same this season and forever. For those who have tasted the Lord and his presence, the worldly things do not seem important. The attention we receive should be directed to the sacrifice of Christ. Our accomplishments are because of the grace of God. Whenever our eyes drift away from this truth, let us return to the Eucharist: the breaking of bread that Jesus gifted us. Our selfishness can only be removed by fully participating in the Eucharistic Celebration. We need to prepare ourselves and be open to receive the Lord. When we do so, the Lord will talk to us and lead us. The strength we need could be drawn from the Eucharist. We may then doubt no longer but be fearless witnesses in the world in the name of the Risen Lord.

PRAYER: Abba Father, you alone have authority to forgive my sins, make me worthy to receive your glorious and life-giving Mysteries. Amen.

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