Tuesday JANUARY 16
Solemnity of Saint Joseph Vaz, Priest
Reach out to the needy
  • Isaiah 52:7-10
  • Psalm 97:1-3,6-8,10
  • Acts 20:17-18,28-32,36
  • Mark 16:15-20

St. Joseph Vaz was instrumental in God’s hand. Owing to his selfless service and God’s grace, the Catholic faith survived and even thrived in Sri Lanka. In today’s Gospel Proclamation, we read that Jesus has power and authority to bring about goodness and justice. He seeks to free people of their oppression. He does not enjoy seeing anyone suffer with their pain and traumas. The Lord ministers to the hungry, the sick and the lame. He touches the lives of people without delay and without counting their deeds. Let us follow the same path, when it comes to attending to people in need. The Lord was moved with compassion to feed, heal and liberate people in mercy. Do we have the same attitude? Do we think twice or delay the process, like many in today’s halls of power? When someone needs our aid, do we take our own time to come to their aid? Where is the inspiration and goodwill to support people? Let us ask ourselves and mend our ways focusing on the Lord and his attitude.

Abba Father, make my heart like yours, to feel the pain of others and to relieve them of their pain. Amen.

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