Sunday September 4
True happiness in Christ
  • Wisdom 9:13-18
  • Psalm 90:3-6.12-17
  • Philemon 9-10,12-17
  • Luke 14:25-33

These days we are facing so many pressures from every side. We find it hard to answer unbelievers as well as the questions of our hearts. Today’s first reading from the book of Wisdom reiterates this fact, of how our soul is weighed down by the issues of this world, those that affect us in the physical realm. If we cannot and do not have the insight to grasp this world how much more our ignorance on things of the spiritual, of things unseen? If we pray for wisdom, God’s Word assures us that he will bless us richly with wisdom. I feel that the more we invest our time to study God’s Word, the more we will understand, the more will things seem clearer.

The Word of God which we have easy access to, is also Spirit as said in John 6:63. Today’s first reading says how God first sent wisdom and then the Holy Spirit and this directed humans on the right path. So do we have the tools it takes to maneuver this life? Do we have wisdom? Are we guided by the Holy Spirit to make Godly choices?

The Psalmist says that knowing the shortness of life is to have wisdom of heart. How does that work? The more we come to realize how temporary this life is, the more every situation in life takes on a different perspective. Anger, bitterness, revenge, selfishness and the mere decision to “hold on” to such seems futile. In the end this route only leads to sickness and disease and an overall sense of sadness. Jesus himself says if we hold on to life we lose it. We should let go of wanting to hold on to the issues that we think will give us happiness, or else we will lose happiness altogether.

Today’s Gospel proclamation focuses on the commitment it takes to be a disciple. The Oxford dictionary defines a disciple as “a person who believes and follows the teaching of a religious or political leader.” That makes all of us disciples doesn’t it? Not just the twelve apostles of Jesus. What is Jesus speaking to us in today’s Gospel proclamation? He says in no uncertain terms that we have to be prepared to leave all our loved ones and our comforts to follow him. This means we have to live uncompromised lives. There should be no second thought to do the right thing, which is what the Word says about any situation we are facing. The Word has to be the ultimate authority in our lives – the Word is Jesus.

All the examples given – of the follow through in building a house or a King going into war all display the resolve we should have to stay and keep our focus on Jesus. He says clearly that we cannot be half hearted in our journey with him – it will only lead to our own downfall. We have to be committed completely.

Prayer: Abba Father, fill us with your goodness, that we may rejoice in you. Amen.

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