Tuesday 9th February
Created to worship or cling to tradition
  • Genesis 1: 20 - 2: 4
  • Ps 8: 4-9
  • Mark 7: 1-13

It is said in the Book of Genesis that men and women were made in the image and likeness of God and were created to rule over the fish, birds, cattle, wild animals and all creeping things.

In effect we were given the freedom to lord over and have a say in the lives of all creatures. This freedom was given to be exercised with love, compassion and responsibility. We were also
meant to experience this freedom in our lives and spiritual journey.

This was the freedom the apostles and disciples experienced when they went about with our Lord Jesus. Though they were Jews them-selves, in the presence of the Lord they did not feel the need to fol-low the numerous traditions imposed by the leaders and Pharisees.

The issue was not with the traditions themselves but the leaders judged people as holy or unholy based on their adherence to the traditions. The traditions had just become practices and were not serving a purpose in bringing people closer to God.

In these times of the pandemic, many of our traditions and practices have taken a beating. The practice of attending mass has lessened. Most churches find that parishioners are not attending mass as before. While caution cannot be thrown to the wind, it is becoming obvious that some people cherish the experience of Mass and the Eucharist while others are enjoying the holiday away from it all.

But the point that our Lord Jesus was making and which is relevant today is – are we honouring our Lord with our lips or from the bottom of our hearts. Are we wanting and wishing to be spending time with Him in solitude? Are we keeping aside time to converse with the Lord and receive strength and wisdom from the Spirit? Do we feel the longing to search the heart of God and share His love or are we busy judging people based on traditions and practices. The people of our Lord Jesus time found excuses in the name of the law and God to abandon their responsibility towards their parents since they had dedicated their lives to God. Today, the pandemic has become the excuse to even visit a church. Let us search our hearts and see where we stand – lost in worship or clinging to guidelines as an excuse.

Prayer: Abba Father, reveal the real state of our hearts. Show us our true nature and in your mercy break our hearts to fall in love with you again. Amen

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