Saturday January 28
Faith turns impossibilities into possibilities
  • Hebrews 11:1-2,8-19
  • Luke 1:69-75
  • Mark 4:35-41

The letter to the Hebrews speaks about Faith; which is to hope for the unseen. Faith is vital for us in the present days. We often cry out for instant answers because most things at present are instant. But when we deal with God our perceptions would be shattered first because God’s way of working cannot be rationalised or humanly understood. Abraham’s life changed drastically after setting out to go in the direction that God called him to. Abraham’s trust in God changed impossible things into possibilities. This is something that we could learn; even though our surrounding could threaten us, when we see God’s hands in the ordinary things, impossible is turned to possible. The responsorial psalm is also praising God for changing impossible situations into possible situations. We become cheerful people only if we could see the hand of God in the challenges we go through. God changes challenges into victory. The Gospel proclamation is the climax of faith. When the Lord is with us we need not worry.

Prayer: Abba Father, please remain in my boat. Amen.

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