Tuesday April 06
For the word of the LORD is upright, and all His work is done in faithfulness

Today we see the first and instant results of St. Peter’s proclamation of the Gospel message.After St. Peter’s assertion his hearers are “cut to the heart”, totally moved and shaken, and genuinely ask what they should do. It mirrors both their be- lief in what they have just heard about our Lord Jesus and regret over former rejection. They are told to “repent”. Repentance was important in the message of the precursor, John the Baptist, in the evangelization and in the directions our Lord Jesus left just before his ascension. ‘Repentance’ implies not just regret for the past but, much more certainly, a drastic change to one’s way of thinking and behaving.

This they pledge through being baptized and having their former sins forgiven and left behind, and getting the gift of the Spirit. The psalmist encourages us to sing joyful praises to God with our lips and in our hearts. This comes naturally to those that have been born from above and have been clothed in the righteousness of Christ our Saviour. To those are called by our great Creator God, to worship the Lord in the splendor of holiness – .Should not we who are the un- deserving recipients of His saving grace and unfailing love, give glory to our Creator God and sing praises to the God of our deliverance – for the word and knowledge; the promises and the principles of our God are altogether upright and are perfect in righteous – and all His work is carried out in faithfulness, grace and truth. Praise His holy name. When Mary Magdalene arrived at the tomb, the stone had been moved away.How regularly have we gone searching for our Lord Jesus? At times, we also have been desperate to find Jesus and experience his presence and care. At times, life often is more than we can handle on our own. Yes, we can and must depend on the people who care about us. Nevertheless, we also need to experience the peace and comfort of our Lord Jesus. Today Jesus will call us by name. Then Jesus will wait for us to answer. Will our minds and hearts be open and listen deeply enough to hear His call? Or will we be too busyl? What an awful loss that would be! Today may we attempt to keep our hearts attentive to His voice.

Prayer: Abba Father, glory be to Our Saviour – the God of our Salvation. Let me sing praises to you all the days of my life for you alone are holy, you alone are the Lord. Amen

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