Saturday February 11
God comes in search of me
  • Genesis 3:9-24
  • Psalm 90:2-6,12-13
  • Mark 8:1-10

In today’s first reading we meet Adam and Eve after they have fallen. They are hiding. They are unable to face God and they think that God cannot see them. When we fall into trouble aren’t we often tempted to think that God cannot see us? To Eve, God says that the pain of childbearing will be intensified, but yet her desire will be for her husband. The things we desire bring us pain. To Adam, he says that the ground is cursed because of him. Pope Francis’ encyclical on the environment echoes this sentiment. God tells Adam, that he will have to fight nature to survive. Yet God comes in search of Adam and Eve, and clothes them in garments of leather – he ministers to them in their fallen state. In today’s Gospel proclamation we read how Jesus became man to come in search of us. He ministers to the poor, the infirm, the weak and the powerless in the face of the hand life has dealt them. When he comes in search of us, let us run to him, give thanks for the blessings received, and the floodgates of heaven will open.

Prayer: Abba Father, thank you for coming in search of me when I am not able to even look at you, and for divine intervention in my circumstances. Amen.

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