Monday August 29
The eternal Kingdom of God
  • Jeremiah 1:17-19
  • Psalm 71:1-6,15,17
  • Mark 6:17-29

Today we celebrate the Passion and Martyrdom of St John the Baptist, the first martyrdom we hear about in the New Testament. A man held in high regard by Jesus Christ himself, being unafraid of speaking the truth, a man that boldly proclaimed about the coming Messiah. Yet, for all that trouble he meets a gruesome end. Every Christian who takes this journey seriously will face martyrdom in some form, it does not always lead to being beheaded or crucified, it can be in the smallest of details, dying to ourselves in our human passion and greed, dying to this world and being alive to the truth of the Kingdom of God, which is a Kingdom, not ruled by a mortal king, not in half measures, but a Kingdom ruled by an eternal generous King. In his generosity, this King, our God pours out into our hearts in all its fullness the richness and power of the Holy Spirit. “Ask me for anything you want and I will give it to you”. Let us be hopeful and wait upon the Lord, he will surely empower us.

Prayer: Abba Father, let my hardened heart be open to your love and compassion. Amen.

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