Sunday 05th May 2024
Obedience and testimony release God’s power
  • Acts 10:25-26,34-35,44-48
  • Psalm 98:1-4
  • 1 John 4:7-10
  • John 15:9-17

Our God, the “Lord of all the earth” shows no partiality to any group of individuals be they Jew or gentile, rich or poor. If we fear the Lord and do what is right in his eyes, we are accepted by him. If we are sinful and shudder in our weakness he still patiently awaits our return.

In today’s first reading which no doubt is one of the most pivotal passages of the new testament, God shows his desire and acceptance of the gentiles coming into faith and community.

Peter had a misconception, that God had called him for the Jews only until the Holy Spirit revealed God’s plan for all humankind in worshiping and serving God as previously never done, by saying, “What God has made clean you must not call profane”.

Obedient to the voice of the Holy Spirit and without objection, Peter makes the journey north to Caesarea. It was not just Peter’s faith in God but also his obedience to God’s voice and his testimony of Jesus, that paved the way for such power to flow from him into Cornelius, converting his entire household to faith in Christ. Obedience is key for God’s anointing to flow. Disobedience stifles and quenches the move of the Holy Spirit.

In our own walk with the Lord, perhaps we have missed out on something the Lord had required of us. It could be as simple as calling some- one and asking how they are or proclaiming hope to a lost soul. Whatever the task, if the Holy Spirit has revealed it and shown God’s heart in it, he will empower and anoint us for that task.

All we need to do is love God and love others as the Gospel proclamation mentions and then when we ask anything of God in faith, it will be done for us according to his plan and purpose. If he has called us, he will equip, provide and take us there.

The Lord’s healing and deliverance ministries are still alive and active today. A few months ago we were truly blessed to witness some amazing healing miracles in the ‘Growing in Christ’ program held in Melbourne.

Witnessing people being healed and their faith rising to new levels was amazing. Listening to their testimonies reminded me of the great importance of testifying to what the Lord has done in our lives so others too can build upon such faith. For the testimony of Jesus is the Spirit of Prophecy (Revelation 19:10).

PRAYER: Abba Father, empower and strengthen me to do what you have called me to do and to testify to all you have done in my life. Amen.

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