Tuesday 05th March 2024
Forgive and love others
  • Daniel 3:25,34-43
  • Psalm 25:4-9
  • Matthew 18:21-35

It is great to be at the receiving end of something good. However, as we listen to the Word of God, we are reminded that we are not only called to receive but to give in return. Forgiveness is the most precious gift our Lord won for us through the sacrifice of his life, the gift that makes us worthy to be called God’s children; this is the gift that we are asked to share generously with our brothers and sisters. This sounds simple but when we try to put this into action, we know that forgiving someone, especially those who have inflicted great pain on us or our loved ones can be challenging. But this is the will of our Lord for us: that we forgive those who have wronged us, just as we have been forgiven. We cannot do this with our own strength but as we take time to sit at the feet of our Lord and focus our gaze on him who loves us in spite of our imperfections, he fills us with great love. His divine love makes forgiving someone a natural response in us.

PRAYER: Abba Father, fill our hearts with love and forgiveness so that we may freely love our brothers and sisters. Amen.

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