Monday October 31
Life was not meant to be a bed of roses
  • Philippians 2:1-4
  • Psalm 131:1-3
  • Luke 14:12-14

Walk into a convenience store…pick up a food product and check for any dates, they always carry an expiry date. And so it is with us… we do not have the date printed on our bodies but the reality is that there is such a date. Hence, Saint Paul in his letters remind people of their youth and such a time of enjoyment but at the same time he cautions them that there will be a time when all that strength will fade away and the golden globe will be shattered. Life will come to a standstill and we will have to stand before our Maker. Our Lord Jesus Christ had a trail-blazing ministry of miracles, signs and wonders and this kept his followers elated and delighted. No sooner he shared about his impending death, a pall of gloom and disbelief descended upon his followers who wanted a joyride all along. The point is that we were made for Heaven and therefore any suffering on earth is good because it will bring us to the reality that our final destination is the kingdom if God and not the earth.

Prayer: Abba Father, may I fix my gaze on heaven in both times of sorrow and joy. Amen.

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