Wednesday February 1
Have simple faith in God and trust him
  • Hebrews 12:4-7,11-15
  • Psalm 103: 1-2,13-14,17-18
  • Mark 6:1-6

In today’s Gospel proclamation we read that Jesus did not do many miracles in his home town. People were so familiar with Jesus, that they started to question him. At times, our faith can become like this. After being Christians for many years, we can also become too familiar with Jesus. Often the longer we know Jesus and the church, we come across various theories about Jesus. There are many denominations that give different interpretations of the Bible. At times too much familiarity and knowledge and too little faith can draw us away from Jesus rather than bringing our lives closer to him. Lack of faith leads to fewer manifestations of the power of God. We can become complacent. Today’s Gospel proclamation is inviting us to come back to simple faith in Jesus. Trusting him with every little thing in life, even when things do not seem to be going well. The first reading says that God sometimes disciplines the one he loves. Things might not be going the way we like, still let us lean on God alone and trust in him with simple faith.

Prayer: Abba Father, give us simple faith to trust in you and cast away all our doubts. Amen.

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