Saturday December 31
Allow the Light to shine in and through you
  • 1 John 2:18-21
  • Psalm 96:1-2,11-13
  • John 1: 1-18

The last day of the year 2022! The Church reminds us of who we are and whose we are, irrespective of what has been happening throughout the year. We often wage battles in our life, and that is between darkness and light. Many things happen in and around us to make our world dark and defeated. Let us take a moment to look back at the year we are leaving behind. May be we have fallen to sin, acceding defeat in life. Today’s Gospel proclamation reminds us of a simple truth about this battle between light and darkness. The moment a ray of light is allowed to enter a dark room, darkness flees without a fight. If so, why do we struggle with darkness in life? It is because we choose to keep the windows of our mind and heart closed. Today, let us accept the truth that God has made us His children. Let us open our hearts to invite the Light of the world into our lives and dispel the darkness. The Son, who alone knows the Father, who is one with the Father, will make Him known to us in a new way in the new year 2023!

Prayer: Abba Father, Thank You for the year that is about to end. Amen.

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