Friday March 24
Life’s journey
  • Wisdom 2:1,12-22
  • Psalm 34:17-21,23
  • John 7:1-2,10,25-30

Today’s readings show how we are to journey in our vocation, with our destiny in mind. Jesus never said that this journey will be easy. Today’s first reading shows what we may have to endure when we strive to live a life pleasing to God. It may not be easy when we take the option of not going along with the popular thinking and practices. Resorting to things for personal gain and not defending justice are some of the sins of commission and omission, committed because of selfishness, fear of rejection and or insults. If one stands against the rich and the powerful for the sake of justice, one may even have to undergo torture. Yet in today’s Gospel proclamation we see that even though the Jews were seeking to kill Jesus, no one could lay their hands on him as his hour had not yet come. Likewise when we are surrendered to God, acting according to his will in whatever situation we are placed in, God will be involved in what happens to us. Thus we need not be afraid to lead lives pleasing to God in our life situations.

Prayer: Abba Father, I pray for the strength to walk this journey of life in a way that is pleasing to you. Amen.

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