Monday July 18
Jesus – the sign of God’s love
  • Micah 6:1-4,6-8
  • Psalm 50: 5-6,8-9,16-17,21,23
  • Matthew 12:38-42

Today’s Gospel proclamation shows us how the religious leaders were asking for a sign from the Lord Jesus. Today most of us are also like these scribes and Pharisees. We are also asking for a sign. A sign that we can hold on to. Signs that give us hope and a sense of direction. But the only sign that God has given us is the sign of our Lord Jesus himself. Our Lord Jesus came to this world to save us, because of the unconditional love he has for us. He is the only sign we need. He is the sign of unconditional love, the sign of our hope and the sign of our faith. Nothing can surpass the love the Lord has for us. It is easy to get deceived by temptations to look for external miracles, healings and mighty works. Let us not take the risk of chasing behind miracles, and thereby losing sight of the miracle worker. Let us not be a generation that needs an external sign to renew our faith and love in the Lord, but let us be a generation that worships the living God. He is the way the truth and the life.

Prayer: Abba Father, open the eyes of my heart to see Jesus as the only sign of our faith. Amen.

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