Saturday September 10
I am coming back to the heart of worship.
  • 1 Corinthians 10:14-22
  • Psalm 116:12-13, 17-18
  • Luke 6:43-49

We were created to worship God. Worship is to bring our entire life, our thoughts, our emotions, our being, in complete submission to God. Every moment of our lives we are called to live in this posture of worship. But weak as we are, many times we fail and fall, instead of worshiping the creator, we worship his creation. And anytime we place anything no matter how good, above our relationship with God, we are worshipping an idol in our hearts. The fruit our lives produce will show us the position of our hearts.

When we are in the place of right worship and our lives are centred on Christ; We are in him, and his Word dwells within us; He is in us; we are able to produce fruit that gives life; the fruit of the Holy Spirit. We come to this place of con- stant worship by building the foundation of dwelling on the word of God, by abiding in prayer, and by being strengthened by the Sacraments. When we face tragedy and turmoil in our lives, our foundations will be tested. May we be found to be true worshippers of God.

Prayer: Abba Father, give us hearts that seek you, help us to abide in you, may we pour out our lives as an offering at your feet. Amen.

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