Thursday July 7
The Father’s heart.
  • Hosea 11:1-4, 8-9
  • Psalm 80: 2- 3, 15-16
  • Matthew 10:7-15

Today’s First Reading portrays the Father’s love and compassion for His people. Despite human weaknesses and sinfulness he does not turn away from his people. In the Gospel Proclamation, we see Jesus placing this same heart of love and compassion on his disciples, to go after the lost sheep. The call is not only to preach the Gospel, but also for signs, wonders and miracles and to bring down the Kingdom of heaven to earth. How is this applicable to us, in today’s day and age? We have been given the same call since our baptism, to be disciples; to be another Christ. It is to carry the heart of the Father, a heart of love and compassion wherever we go, and to demonstrate the power of the Kingdom of God here on earth. To do this, we need to first believe in our identity as children of God, and then believe that there is no lack in heaven. God is rich and powerful, and when we are in alignment with this mind-set we are able to draw down the power into our lives and to the people around us.

Prayer: Abba Father, give me the grace to carry Your heart of love and compassion, towards those I meet today. Amen.

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