Monday March 15th
How deep is your faith?
  • Isaiah 65: 17-21
  • Ps 30: 2-13
  • John 4: 43-54

Isaiah 65 is replete with promises of the future. It is consoling to us especially when are going through a bereavement or a tragedy. God promises us a new heaven and a new earth. The joy that we re- ceive will be so great that we will forget the former pains and experiences. The Lord encourages us to rejoice in what He will do.

This is the same cry that echoes in the Psalm as the psalmist cries out – I will praise you Lord for you have rescued me.’ While the promises from Isaiah are supposed to refer to the future eternal life, we have been told by our Lord Jesus that the moment we receive Him, the kingdom of Heaven begins to function in our life. The eternal experience is kick-started and we begin to have glimpses of the Lord’s power at work in our lives. The laws of nature are broken and cause and effect seems to have no effect. When we live in faith we be- gin to overcome the obstacles and the impossible becomes possible. One such promise from Isaiah states that life will no longer be shortened. A man who dies in his hundreds will be considered as
one who died in his youth.

In the Gospel proclamation, the eternal kingdom life had begun to operate. With the Lord Jesus’ presence, miracles, signs and wonders began to unfold. The people who exercised faith were not those were from the chosen race but those who were from a worldly Roman background. One such person was the Centurion. He approached our Lord Jesus with such an attitude that compared his own ordering of his soldiers, to the Lord’s ability to order the forces of nature. Our Lord Jesus goes super, supernatural and even without calling for boy, laying hands on his head or making a prayer of healing, simply says – Go, your son lives.’ The man responds and returns home to find his son healed. Have we such faith or are we still trying to tell the Lord how deep or how impossible our problem is. Let us just trust Him.

Prayer: Abba Father, forgive me for coming to your presence with so many questions and doubts, instead of trusting in your abiity to speak into my situation and give me your supernatural answer. Amen

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