Saturday September 23
Memorial of Saint Pius of Pietrelcina, Priest
Listen to God’s Word
  • 1 Timothy 6:13-16
  • Psalm 100:1-5
  • Luke 8:4-15

The sense of hearing is a gift from God but sometimes we do not have control over what we hear. There is a lot out there in the world that is screaming for our attention, and it is a real challenge to sift through what really benefits us to allow entry into our heart. The parable of the Sower is an invitation for us to have a receptive heart with all the right conditions, most importantly to the right type of words to bear the right kind of fruits. Let us allow God’s words to enter our hearts. Let us learn through the example of St. Pius of Pietrelcina, better known as Padre Pio, whose memorial we celebrate today. When our trials seem to keep us away from receiving and rejoicing in the word of God, let us look to this holy saint, who in the face of suffering and shame, allowed the goodness of God to sustain him and reached out to the needy with joy. Can we recognize the Word of God coming to us in different shapes and forms? What is obstructing the Word from taking root in our hearts?

Prayer: Abba Father, our hearts are yearning to hear your Word. Speak, for your servant is listening. Amen.

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